What is Ten Man/ Ten Woman Plan?

Created in 2004 to address the high number of incidents of sexual assault affiliated with the University of Maryland’s Greek community, the Ten Man Plan and Ten Woman Plan offer fraternity and sorority members an opportunity to examine how they can intervene to prevent sexual assault and other interpersonal violence, as well as how to support individuals who may be victims.

This program pairs fraternity and sorority members with volunteer staff and graduate student facilitators throughout the UMD community. Seeking to create positive cultural change within chapters and across the broader Greek community, a subset of approximately 10 men or 10 women from participating chapters meet to discuss how issues of interpersonal violence may be happening within, facilitated by, or affecting their sister- and brotherhood.

Through nine group-based weekly dialogues,  members tackle various issues relating to sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking. This program enables students to critically think about implicit and explicit social norms that perpetuate rape culture in society at large and at Maryland specifically.  Students also learn bystander strategies so that they can work to reduce harm in the community, focusing on interventions that might work within their own chapters.

Goals of the Program:

To develop an understanding among fraternity and sorority members of the dynamics of power-based violence (PBV)

  • This program aims to increase members’ exposure to, and understanding of contextual factors that contribute to power-based personal violence and diminish bystander efficacy on campus, within the Greek community, and in the broader communities in which they are situated, including:
    • Campus definitions of sexual assault, relationship abuse, and stalking
    • Rape Culture
    • Fraternity and Sorority Norms and Cultures
    • Alcohol
    • Consent
    • Unequal power dynamics
    • Healthy and unhealthy relationships
    • Trauma-based responses
    • Gender norms and stereotypes

To foster a sense of responsibility among and provide skills to fraternity and sorority members to reduce incidents of PBV in the Greek community.

  • To encourage members’ personal connection to and commitment to ending interpersonal violence
  • To enhance members’ knowledge about bystander intervention and to increase intervention behaviors by building skills, confidence, and willingness in members to intervene when needed
  • To familiarize students with campus resources to support and respond to PBV and its effects on victims/survivors and their loved ones

To promote change at the individual and chapter levels in behaviors, attitudes, and skills related to PBV prevention

  • To empower Plan members to challenge rape culture, victim blaming, gender stereotypes and other harmful behaviors within their chapter and UMD community
  • To intervene in an effort to reduce incidents of power-based violence in the broader Greek and UMD community

If your chapter is interested in participating in Ten Man and Woman Plan, please click on the link below.